Dream Girl

A girl in a dream
from a time past
to pick up where we left off
or never started
it is easy
and right
and gives closure,
happy closure at that.

And yet, a dream.

A cycle of the mind
completing something old
desiring something new
fighting against
settling for the present.

Or perhaps it’s just
a dream
random and fleeting
when it’s good,
raw and vivid
when it’s not.

A girl in a dream.

She takes my hand
I follow unquestioning
I follow because I want
to remember that feeling
in the pit
in the bellows
the flutter uncaptured
that evasive, unpredictable feeling
of a a girl
in a dream.

I wake and she’s gone
leaving her essence
to linger in my brain
to give me finger prints
to try to remember the hand
a reminder of a feeling
of a flutter
of a patter
of a past.

Of a girl in a dream.