The Night the Cavs Won a Title

Cleveland Cavaliers

I’m going to make an aberration. Usually I try to keep things light, fictional and comedy based, but I’m from northeast Ohio and I’m a sports fan and the Cleveland Cavaliers just won the NBA Finals and I can’t help but be really, really happy. So I’m writing about the Cavs tonight. Hopefully for you non-sports fans it will still be somewhat entertaining.

I have been a Cavs fans since the Mark Price era and I was one of the few that pulled against Michael Jordan and the Bulls because they always seemed to pull up with a key shot to beat us. The shot Jordan made over Craig Ehlo was like a curse resting over Cavs lore, Cleveland lore for that matter, for years. It was something that seemingly couldn’t be erased, it epitomized Cleveland sports, until now.

Cleveland fans no longer have to remember the fumble, or the shot, or the drive, or the Marlins because we now have a championship. Bill Simmons, the former ESPN and current HBO sports journalist has long since said that God hates Cleveland because of the seeming curse of Cleveland sports. That’s over now. The owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert, said during the celebration that God loves Cleveland and I can’t help but agree with him. Call me a homer, but damn it feels good to be on the winning side.

Lebron James came back to The Land to bring a championship home and he did it. He put up epic performances in the series that will go down in history. He helped carry the Cavs over a historic Golden State team in a way not many players can. Kyrie Irving played incredibly well, hitting probably the most important shot of the entire series. The much maligned Kevin Love grabbed offensive rebounds, Tristan Thompson battled in the paint, JR Smith hit some big 3’s, Iman Shumpert drained an and 1 three, Richard Jefferson battled hard, Mo Williams, Delly, Channing Frye, even Dahntay Jones and Timofey Mozgov. That team brought a championship to Cleveland and we will be forever grateful that they did.

As a Cavs fan I am extremely happy for myself and other Cleveland fans. We have been waiting for so long and we finally get to celebrate the way we’ve watched so many others celebrate for the last 52 years. We’re finally on top. We are Believeland! Go Cavs!