The 20 Most Valid Reasons Nashville Drivers Do Not Use Their Turn Signal

  1. The clicking sound it makes reminds them of a ticking bomb and/or the alarm clock.
  2. They don’t know how.
  3. They have one hand on their cell phone, the other on their genitals and they are steering with their knees.
  4. They drive a pickup truck, so laws don’t apply to them.
  5. It is too far away.
  6. It it too strenuous of a task.
  7. It’s where the government hides it’s spying technology.
  8. They broke it off to shove it up their ass.
  9. It once tried to seduce their teenage daughter.
  10. They are afraid of phallic shapes.
  11. It is more dangerous to let others know where they are going.
  12. It takes approximately 1.42 calories to use and they already worked out today.
  13. They know where they’re going, shouldn’t others be able to read their mind? I mean, duh!
  14. They don’t touch anything larger than their penis.
  15. It’s too much like the probe the aliens put in their butt.
  16. It is eating their soul.
  17. They’re driving far too fast to bother with a signal.
  18. They drive a Lexus, so fuck you.
  19. A turn signal killed their father.
  20. Their conversation on their cell phone is far too important to ignore while driving a car, and lets face it, turn signals are a distraction.

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